Manifest - Intention Setting Workshop

Hosted by Dorothee, Kendal and Sarah - we're so happy to announce our first offering - MANIFEST: a journaling, bracelet-making and yoga workshop to send you off in the right direction for 2019.

Held on the first new moon of the new year, this workshop will focus on practical ways to manifest our dreams and goals and will encourage participants to set meaningful intentions for the year to come, or perhaps to solidify those resolutions they've already made.

This workshop will include a (semi-guided) journaling session to help focus our creative energy and solidify our intentions, followed by bracelet-making where you can adorn your wrist with a customized representation of your own personal manifesto (remember carrying around a lucky charm of some kind as a kid? This is like that, but elevated), and closing with a gentle yoga practice and guided meditation session to bring us more clarity and focus for the year ahead. 

Because we know that some of you might not want to stop at one (we don't!), we're offering additional bracelet options for $15 each here.

We can’t wait!!

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Grab some girlfriends, have them bring wine, order some pizza and I'll come teach you how to make your very own mala. Above is an example of what we can organize, let's talk about it! Option to do yoga, I've got a girl,  she's THE BEST. Option to make bracelets, so there's more time to drink wine and eat pizza, I totally understand :)